Having heard Detox’s name thrown around in conversation as a “plastic queen” - it is my personal opinion that she is really not given enough credit for being a legit fashion icon both in and out of drag.

 Detox, Entrance Look -  Episode 1, Drag Race All Stars Season 2

Detox, Entrance Look - Episode 1, Drag Race All Stars Season 2


Enigmatic is a word that comes to mind when I think of Detox. Watching her live show is really the best part about her work, but here ability to walk the tightrope of classic and cool. She pushes boundaries while inspiring the youth and noting fashion history.

She is most known for her Mugler obsession, and even inspired an entire episode of Drag Race with her monochromatic look from the season 5 finale. I love that the more I am inspired by her, the more I learn - in turn getting a pretty serious/subtle education on style.





It took me a while to warm up to her. I know she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Rolaskatox was a bit cringe after all. But, she ultimately won me over during All Stars 2 - and bumped up to my top 5 drag queens after listening to her episode of What’s the Tee?

Once I started painting her, I really couldn’t stop. To date, she is the only queen I have done studies of both in and out of drag. She is also the only RuGirl to like my instagram posts leaving me to believe that she (or her social media manager?) keeps it 100%. It helps that she isn’t bad at spitting lyrics, and has that phat a**.