Kim Chi

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I love painting Kim Chi mainly because she herself is a brilliant painter. There are notes of her Korean heritage, high fashion, vulnerability, and wit in every face she creates. To admire her own work in study is a joy, and every new look a fresh inspiration. Her unique ability to make fun of herself in a way that is uplifting rather than self deprecating - a skill I am yet to master. There are many things to love about Kim Chi. I think she describes herself best:

Kim Chi is a 7' tall, live-action anime character and high-fashion model.... One cannot bound Kim Chi with any stylistic stereotypes. She deftly absorbs and interprets our contemporary cultural milieu with unflinching focus. An ever-evolving chameleon, Kim never fails to surprise and delight with her larger than life looks and her high standard of work.”

She is "Femme Fat and Asian"

Drag is what I do. Live-action troll is what I am.
— Kim Chi