One of my friends from NY came for a visit a few weeks ago - the amazing Ro Fino. She had been to London a bunch of times to visit but we never did the tourist stuff (that you actually have to pay for)-  but we both love Amy Winehouse, Stevie Nicks, and any type of folk magic so naturally I took her to see the Raven's at the Tower of London. Not only did we get to see the Ravens but we made a special connection with one. Munin walked right up to both of us, dug a hole, and hide one of his mice in the ground. He continued to hang - obviously acknowledging that we were his type of humans. Transfixed by the dark beauty in this creature we stood there speechless (we actually held a conversation with it like it could understand us- which I am convinced it did! and proceeded to fail in catching the best insta story of all time).

Raven was the first queen on Drag Race that I fell in love with. There was something about her that was vunerable, and yet she would not. take. shit. from. any body. Some people called her bitchy. People call me bitchy. Some people think Ravens are dark creepy creatures - I think that they are pretty rad and have an energy that is of another world. Basically Raven is, and always will be - my #1 favorite drag queen. 

There was something about her appearance on the show in 2008 that hit a soft spot in me. She defined that point era - but was also timeless. The millennium was in full swing, and yet we hadn't hit the global apocalypse. We were past JT and Britney's denim, but hadn't yet discovered the jumpsuit. She spoke to the woman in all of us that lived for a trip to Claire's, a stop at Macy's to browse, a visit to Wet Seal to find things that looked like they were from Macy's, and didn't mind rounding out the day at the mall with Hot Topic - but she also served timeless elegance.

Raven displayed an effortless feminism that I grew up coveting in other women, but only could find reflected back in myself through a glamazon such as her. There was a darkness in her that I have often battled, but she embraced that side of herself in a way that was endearing and made it a classic beauty. 

Additionally, I think it is very important to mention that the definition of her nose contour was ridiculously ahead of its time. In my humble opinion she should sue the Kardashians. Praise her. 

Note: Not long after I met Munin the Raven, my grandfather passed away. A week after to be exact. It is said in Icelandic folklore, that Munin is a shamanic messenger. 

 Study of Raven

Study of Raven