LAS VEGAS: There is Blood on Your Hands

 Study of Sharon Needles, 4th of July 2017

Study of Sharon Needles, 4th of July 2017

I don't which is more upsetting, waking up at least once a week to a notification on my phone of more terror attacks - or how normal it has become. Average. I almost expect it, waking up to bad news when I reach for my phone to turn off my alarm. 

Another mass shooting in America. Another thing for us to argue about, to point fingers around - dividing ourselves even further.



What is it going to take for the thoughts and prayers to stop, and the action to start? I am tired of being judged for my social media posts. I can assure you the constitution did not get written in a “polite” and "quiet” manner.

If I hear “I don’t like to express my political views” one more time…..

You can’t have it both ways any longer. You are not able to stand for something, but refuse to take an opinion publicly. Some say I care too much, but isn't it more the problem that not enough people care? We need your help. Now is the time. Before it is too late.