Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Christina Mazurowski grew up surrounded by working artists. Her paternal grandmother, an accomplished architectural rendering artist, taught her how to paint in watercolours before she could write her own name. Her grandfather left a lasting impression through his work as an aerosol artist and draftsman during the space race. Just a few streets down, her mother’s father, Fran Faulhaber, owned a successful family portrait business. Her work bears the mark of years of childhood practice in their studios.

Christina graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BFA in Painting & Drawing in 2006. She moved to New York City, settled in Queens, and began to paint out of her home studio. In 2015 she moved to London, where she is currently based.

Christina's work circles around memory and impermanence. She uses layers of color and texture to capture a fleeting moment as it rests in the mind’s eye. She is interested in exploring the space beyond the facade of physical identity, in an effort to discover a figurative embodiment of spirit. In the context of an objectified and ownership obsessed society, she searches out an energy that is genderless, non-judgemental and proof of authentic self. Inspirations are drawn from athletics, feminism, vulnerability, irreverence, Renaissance art, pop culture, extraterrestrials, and a New York State of Mind. Her influences are distinct - Basquiat, David Hockney, RuPaul, Louise Bourgeouis, Grayson Perry, Delacroix, Leonardo Da Vinci, Agnes Martin, Kehinde Whiley, Barbara Leoff Burge. 






contact: mazuro47@gmail.com